THANK YOU to everyone who has come out to celebrate the Earth Day Festival with us for the last 7 years!

Every year it has grown substantially, and as you may know, the whole thing is organized by a group of volunteers in the community.  The event has grown so much and changes within the organizing group have lead to the decision to Take a Break for a year!  We expect a year off to recalibrate and build up resources and support will allow us to give the event the attention it needs again in the fabulous year of 2020!

Easter is also on the usual Earth Day weekend this year, making it the perfect year to take a break and come back strong in 2020.  You can still visit Idlewild Park for Earth Day with your friends and family; you can still participate in any of the smaller events that will pop up during the celebration week; you can still let us know at renoearthday@gmail.com if you are available or have ideas to make the 2020 event wonderful!

Earth Day is Every Day, so we hope that you will keep up the celebration, education and collaboration all year long we hope to see you again in 2020!