Pet Fashion Show 2017

Pet Fashion Show – Diana Ekins

Reno Earth Day would like to invite you our Animalia Pet Fashion Show – hosted this year by AACT High School! The Animalia Kingdom is an area of the Reno Earth Day Festival where all animals are welcome. Bring your adorable pets and creative fashions for a special showing at Reno Earth Day this year – Sunday, April 23, 2017! Prizes have been donated from a multitude of Reno Earth Day vendors, artists and sponsors and Pet Fashion Show contestants will win prizes for best presentation, cutest, funniest, most extravagant, and whatever other achievements we think of to reward! Lots of prizes to give away, and most of all, LOTS of fun to be had at one of the best events Reno has to offer! If you would like to join us, it’s FREE to sign up and FREE to attend! Please fill out the simple form below:

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  1. My dog can dance when I hold her hand and jump high and sniff out food that is in my hands she loves to give love

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