2022 Entertainment

Reno Earth Day is proud to host several stages located throughout the event including live, local musicians, acoustic performers, dancers, cirque, theatre, etc. All entertainment is put on by performers, artists and musicians volunteering their time for this amazing community event.

Stages at Reno Earth Day are a part of our All the Earth’s a Stage program. The All The Earth’s A Stage program promotes performance arts in the area, especially promoting access to the arts, producing opportunities and recognition for local performers and emerging talent, collaboration and assistance to local performance development groups and schools, and creating events, engagements and activities to inspire participation in the arts and explore different aspects of performance art. For more information visit (Mercury Momentum is the non profit that puts on the event!)

Under The Artists’ Grove program, many performance groups have their own area reserved throughout the event and perform on an ongoing or scheduled basis throughout the day. These include aerialists, themed dancers, theatrical camps, cirque feats, object manipulation/fire dancers and more!  There is entertainment created and bestowed by members of the community everywhere you look!   If you or your performance group would like space at the event under The Artists’ Grove program, please contact Heather Howell

This is a 45,000 attendee event, and we try to make it worthwhile for performers to volunteer their time. We give even more promotion for groups who volunteers and help us with the entertainment program. Here is a marketing estimate of the value of performing at the Earth Day event:

Est Ad Value for Performers