Event History

Our area has been honored with its own Earth Day celebration for over 20 years. It has always been a mainstay of the community, with new activities and lifestyles role modeled every year. When the organization that previously hosted the event disbanded, the event was almost cancelled in 2012. A group of volunteers got together to take up the flag at the last moment, and the event was saved due to exceptional support from the community and participants.

Since that year, the event has tripled in size. It has become a regional event drawing participants from all over the High Sierra and neighboring states. We believe this is largely due to creating special programs that invite new groups to participate and by adopting the inclusive philosophy.


Mercury Momentum

Mercury Momentum was created shortly after the 2012 Earth Day event as a non-profit organization. Our mission and goals were set established to continue to organize and support the Earth Day event at Idlewild Park, as well as assist and organize other events throughout the area, including expanding some of the programs created through Earth Day into other aspects of the community. For more information on Mercury Momentum as an organization, please visit www.mercurymomentum.com.