Contests & Activites

2018 Activities under development. IF YOU would like to organize any of the following or another activity for Earth Day – let us know. You and/or your group can take charge of it and we’ll promote it and provide prizes!

Check out these activities from last year!

Have an artistic streak that you would like to show off to an audience of 25,000+ people?  Your Earth Day event has created several activities and contests to encourage creative exploration and expression for all ages. From photography to painting and drawing, from science to poetry, Earth Day has something for everyone.

Many of these activities and showcases include prizes just for entering, and all winners will receive grand prizes and features in newsletters and social media. Entering these activities is a great way to participate in the event, showing your support and perspective on this unique world holiday. Earth Day has such a broad significance and meaning to everyone, so we certainly encourage the utmost creativity in the interpretations of an “Earth Day” piece.

Pet Fashion Show – Part of the Animalia programming – Pre-Register for the show and be in the Parade as well. All entrants receive a prize, and winners receive grand prizes and special photo ops for social media mania. Registration and Info Here

Creative Writing & Poetry Read – All entries will be posted to a public board for public reading and enjoyment, and finalists will be selected for reading on stage at the event. A program of The Artists’ Grove. Submission Form and More Info Here!

UpCycled Trashion Show – Catch unique styles made from “trash” materials, natural materials and reused and recycled items. If you are an individual, model, designer, group or organization that would like to participate in the fashion show, please go here for more information.

Poster Art Showcase – From the Artists Grove, a traditional arts contest with a special theme! Show your unique interpretation of Many Cultures, Clean & Green Technologies, or The Natural World. More info Here. 

Edible Art Themed (EAT) Challenge – Under the umbrella of The Garden programs, showcase your culinary art skills by creating a centerpiece of edible art! Entry Information Here!

Earth Innovations Science Fair – Individual students, classes, clubs or schools may contact us to submit their projects and compete for cash and other interesting prizes. For More info click here.

Earth Day Costume Contest – Design a family friendly costume that represents Earth Day, either artistically, symbolically, practically or other interpretation. More prizes to be awarded for numerous categories! 

Photo Sharing Contest – You’re taking a ton of photos anyway – select the best ones and share them with us. Use #RenoEarthDay2017 on social media to enter and win shout outs and prizes.

Prizes have been donated by numerous local businesses, exhibitors and sponsors. Engage in your Earth Day Event and discover a world of ways to be involved, learn more and experience new things.