2020 Exhibitor Applications – Coming Soon!

The event has grown to include over 300 exhibitors, including all activities, performers, non-profit organizations, artists and crafters, food, businesses and event booths.  Exhibitors are given maximum freedom to design their own space and hold their own activities within the park rules of the City and a few event rules for fairness.  We are champions of inclusivity and try to make room for everyone, with a few exceptions for over-saturated items or name brands. If you would like to join this phenomenal event, please review the exhibiting rules and particulars about the park, and submit the appropriate application.

Non-Profits = Only a $35 fee to be there- or FREE if you do a workshop!  We want to encourage any non-profit to take advantage of this event and its crowds.  You largely provide the educational component, which is so important for this event.  Any non-profit that provides a Scheduled Activity (scheduled at a specific time of day and can be anything from workshop/class/presentation to activity/game/demonstration/performance) – your $35 booth fee is waived!  We’ll promote the scheduled activity in media and at event to increase your crowd, and we Thank you for adding such a unique educational component. Non-Profits can also have their booth fee waived by donating services, equipment or volunteers for the event. We all put this event on together!

Also, any UNR or Washoe County School District related booth is FREE! Use the event for your class, club, team, group, dept., message!  Use the Non-Profit App and write UNR or WCSD in the space fee section.

General Exhibitors = This includes everyone else!  100% Handmade items have a $40 discount this year!  So many types of booths! There are also several promotional activities you can participate in to bring exposure to your business and booth. Here is a market analysis of the value of having a booth at this event with 25,000 attendees: Booth Advertising Value

Before you apply, please review the CLOSED ITEMS for this year so far.

Fellow Events = As part of our mission to support special events in our area for educational purposed, economic development and community spirit, we offer FREE booth space to other events in the area (Northern Nevada-Tahoe). Big or small, any event (scheduled for a specific date/time and avail. to public) can qualify. We recommend your booth do something that really draws attention to your event, but you are allowed to do almost anything – promote the event, sell tickets, sell promo items, hold activities, drawings, recruitment, etc. We are flexible with the space you need. If you or your group has an area event that you would like to promote at the Reno Earth Day event for free, please use the General Exhibitor Application and the code FEP in the space fee section.

Performance and display art groups and artists may also have a free booth under our Artists’ Grove program. Please inquire!

Please utilize the Donate button to pay exhibitor fees online via Paypal.