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Unfortunately, a few items must be restricted if the event becomes over-saturated with certain products, or if a specific brand name is already represented. This is to remain fair to all exhibitors and help them be as successful as possible. The following items and brands are CLOSED for 2018.  If you feel you have a unique item that should still be allowed or one of these closed items makes up only a small portion of your product line, please contact anaangsul@gmail.com for a possible exception.  Note, closed food/items/services refers to sales of those items only; other businesses may still join to market themselves if not selling.

CLOSED FOOD: All food and beverage spots are filled for 2018. (If you would like to be on our outreach list for 2019, please contact anaangsul@gmail.com).

CLOSED Items/Services: Face Painting, Rock Wall, Lavender, Sunglasses, Henna,

CLOSED BRANDS: LuLaRoe, Scentsy, Usborn Books, doTerra, Shaklee, Cutco, Neal’s Yard Remedies (NYR Organic), Tower Garden/Juice Plus, Limelight/Alcone,



ACCESS INSTRUCTIONS for EXHIBITORS>>> 2018 Reno Earth Day Exhibitor Instructions

(very important-please review or you will not be able to get to & through Gates)

2018 Earth Day Map

ZOOMED AREA MAPS of the event so you can see your area and read the numbers.

Zoom SE Corner Cowan ~ Zoom NE Cowan ~ Zoom North ~ Zoom West Latimore ~ Zoom South Spoon Dr.

Alphabetical Exhibitor List & ACCESS DETAILS >>>Exhibitor Access List


Rules and requirements agreed to in your applications – please review before heading this way – and ensure all parties in your exhibiting team know them – Thank you!

1) Equipment The event does not supply equipment (tables, chairs, canopies) to exhibitors. This is a free community event and exhibitors are encouraged to be self-sufficient in design and construction of their booth spaces. Please bring everything you will need for your booth. If necessary, you may be able to order such equipment from our supplier – Camelot Party Supply. This is the only supplier who will have access to the event. If approved, your equipment rental would be directly with Camelot and they would set up your equipment the day before the event, and pick it up after the event.

2) Grassy Exhibit areas: There are no stakes/pins/nails/etc. allowed in the park. ALL VENDORS MUST BRING rope and weights, sand bags, water jugs, etc. to weight down your booth items, canopy, signs, etc.  There are no tarps/rugs/large flat surfaces allowed on the grass. If your booth requires these items, you must request blacktop space on p.3. There is absolutely no driving vehicles/trailers on the grass.

3) Set Up and Loading Zones: Exhibitors will be assigned a set up time between 6:30-10:30am so we can stagger vehicles in loading zones over the 4 hour period (everyone cannot arrive at once). Most spaces are cart and carry over the grass, so loading zones get you as close to spots as possible. Vehicles must be unloaded and then removed/parked in designated areas within 30 minutes. No vehicles may be parked in loading zones (even if it looks like a parking lot). Exhibitor vehicles parked in loading zones for more than 30 minutes will be towed. There will be volunteers to help with carts and carrying to assigned spaces. All spaces should be marked by the time exhibitors arrive. Please let us know if you have special needs not covered in this application.

4) Parking Exhibitors will be assigned to a specific parking lot at the park based on the location of their booth. Each exhibitor is allowed ONLY 1 vehicle to be parked at the park, including Idlewild Dr.. Additional vehicles may be parked at Reno High School (1/2 block nearby) or at any available street parking in the area. Loading zone personnel will be trained to direct you to the correct lot for your single vehicle. This ensures that all exhibitors have 1 spot at the park. Exhibitors will receive specific event and parking maps, space numbers and assignments the week before the event by email. Please ensure your email is valid & check it regularly for updates.

5) FOOD/Beverage Restrictions: Food/beverage vending slots are limited and require a special application & fees. ONLY pre-packaged grocery items may use this form. Food and/or beverages may not be distributed as giveaways for this event; if you are selling pre-packaged food & giving free samples they must be less than 2 oz & served in compostable containers. If you bring your own food, GLASS containers and outside alcohol are not allowed in the park. Please respect this. GLASS is allowed in the park only if it is part of your product to take home, not used in the park. Examples: etched glassware, glass art, candle holders, glass containers of honey/spices/preserves/grocery items, etc. The glass restriction is intended for glass containers for food consumed at the park. If a vendor has any glass breakage it MUST go into the recycling bins – not the trash. Please inform your customers of this concern..

6) WASTE: Exhibitors are responsible for disposing of all waste properly in proper Recycling bins to maximize recycling (Compost, cardboard, glass, cans, plastic bottles, etc.). Any run-off water, ice or grease will need to be collected by the exhibitor and removed as gray-water or disposed of in our gray water basin. If it cannot go into a proper receptacle, take it back with you and Leave No Trace. Let’s see how close we can get to 0-Waste!

7) POWER: Please be conscientious about power consumption and only use power if necessary. You may bring your own generator only if it is less than 73 dB, smokeless and odorless. It must be secured safely away from the public. If these conditions cannot be met, please order power from us.

8) SALES TAX: We are required to collect a Tax form from every vendor selling anything. You agree to turn this form in filled out and signed – either with your NV Tax ID# showing you already file monthly/quarterly OR come to the Earth Day Volunteer booth between 5-7pm at end of event on April 22, 2018 to pay your sales tax (we will have the form there waiting for you).

9) RESPECT: We have LOTS of perspectives at this great event. Show the same Respect for differing viewpoints that you expect for yours. We also have 300 Volunteers helping-without whom there would be no event-so please be patient and respectful of all staff & volunteers.

General Exhibitor Application 2018     ~      Non-Profit Application 2018  

The event will go on, Rain or Shine! Although we expect Sunny weather! 🙂