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2018 Non Profit Partner

Paradigm Shift Reno

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Non-Profit Partner Application Form

Every year, Reno Earth Day collaborates with a different non-profit organization as the official Non-Profit Partner for the year.  The Non-Profit Partner program is an opportunity for a non-profit organization to take advantage of the substantial promotion of the event on multiple media fronts to promote their organization, a special program of theirs, a specific activity or message, etc. The Non-Profit Partner is promoted for the year right alongside the Earth Day organization and all major sponsors as a true partner helping to put on the event. The event benefits from any input or resources the Non-Profit Partner wants to bring to the table, whether that is special activities, volunteers, networking relationships in a specific interest, or even simply ideas and intelligence on how to utilize the event to help their organization and outreach.  The relationship between the Non-Profit partner and the event is mutually beneficial, yet the Non-Profit Partner is welcomed to participate as deeply or as lightly as they desire, so the partnership is never a burden.  We see this program as one way of engaging in the community and having an impact beyond the event itself, and Non-Profit Partners remain strong stakeholders in the event every year, continuing to help shape it.

Non-Profit Partners are selected based on their connection with one or more of the Reno Earth Day philosophies of Clean and Green Tech, Natural World or Many Cultures, community impact and how they would like to utilize the partnership for the year.  Every year, our partners have provided invaluable resources and ideas for helping the event to succeed and grow. We are pleased to show a history of diverse interests in our Non-Profit Partners to date.

We would like to develop a partnership with any organization interested in utilizing this program. In an effort to keep this program as non-competitive as possible, we are currently reviewing all applications as they come in without regard to deadlines for a specific year, and will line up Partners for future years if necessary to ensure everyone who wants a chance gets one. This can also give organizations more time to plan to utilize the partnership, since it lasts all year as we engage in other programs and events throughout the year. Therefore, please feel free to send in applications at any time. If the official Non-Profit Partner is already selected for a year, we may be able to help promote an urgent message or program for you in another way if it is time sensitive.

All of these Partners continue to collaborate closely with the event. Please learn more about these outstanding organizations by visiting their websites.