Little Explorers’ Expedition

Little Explorers’ Expedition – This is a program where a special Treasure Map is made of all Exhibitors offering children’s activities so families can find them easily.  Children who complete a certain number of the activities can turn in the Treasure map for a final goal prize that the event supplies (in addition to any booty they collect from the activities)!  This program seeks to achieve multiple goals:

A) Easily identify and find children’s activities located throughout the event.

B) Keep families together as they explore the event – children’s activities integrated into the entire programming.

C) Encourage children’s activities from exhibitors and promote the ones who do!

D) Provide an educational goal for children through the event in a fun way with an achievement reward!

To qualify for this program, the activity must be for children age 2-12 and take at least 5 minutes to complete. Giveaways without an activity do not qualify for this particular program.  Activities  are ongoing all day (vs. only held at certain times).

Pick up your Treasure map at the Info Booth!  Participating Exhibitors will be highlighted on the map. Exhibitors may be highlighted on the map by listing the qualifying activity on their Exhibitor application.