Animalia Kingdom

Woman petting boa constrictor 2013 – Sonya Curry-Kemper

Don’t miss this year’s PET FASHION SHOW and PARADE hosted in Animalia – anyone can enter free!

Animalia is home to all furry, feathered and scaly friends of Nature. This area is a mini-zoo at the Earth Day event, with live animals of many types – mammals, reptiles, insects, birds, etc. It also holds the majority of our animal welfare, animal services and wildlife diversity and protection organizations, each with their own special educational messages and activities. If you have a business or organization catering to animals, or if you just want to come see and learn about them – visit Animalia!

Special Features for 2017 (so far)

– US Wolf Refuge bringing real Wolf ambassadors to visit for the day!

– Great Basin Herpetological Society with giant snakes, tortoises and lizards

Zack Tolen with a Feathery Friend

– Nevada Humane Society will have a host of doggies there for love & adoption.

– NHS will also have the kitty bus there with feline friends to pet and adopt.

– Goats, chickens and rabbits from local farms to pet and learn about agriculture

– Tahoe Husky Rescue with beautiful huskies to love