Earth Innovations

Earth Innovations Science Fair 2016

Earth Innovations Science Fair 2016

This program promotes exploration of science and technology for a more sustainable and equitable environment.  The program supports clean and green technologies, educating the public about these services and technologies to change habits, and encouraging youth to explore these new technologies for a sustainable future.

The biggest project under this program to date is the Earth Innovations Science Fair. Details Below.


Earth Innovations hosts a science fair open to all K-12 schools and youth organizations. This program is one of many that seeks to bring a strong educational component to the Earth Day event. In addition, it extends the focus of Earth Day beyond the single day event. It inspires young minds to begin thinking about human impacts on the environment at an early age when they are still developing their habits and outlook on the environment. School’s, Teachers, Classes, Individuals and Teams may submit a project to Earth Innovations. Upon approval of the project registration, all of these projects are invited to exhibit, demonstrate and compete for prizes at the Earth Day event.

Earth Innovations Science Fair Packet 2018

Each year, this program seeks to expand its outreach and access to the program. Earth Innovations worked with the Western Nevada Regional Science and Engineering Fair. until its retirement at the end of 2017. This well-established science fair showed approximately 500-900 projects at its annual science fair event in March. We offered several awards at the regional fair, which provided incentives for more schools to enter.

Earth Innovations offers all students a free option to participate in the Earth Innovations fair. For schools that elect this option, we send volunteer judging panels to the schools and select additional finalists in early April to show at the Earth Day event.

At the event, Earth Innovations has its own area where students display or demonstrate their projects. There is both a popular vote for projects, as well as a more formal judging panel. Winners of various awards are announced on stage at the event, and grand prizes are awarded. We invite everyone to go see these creative projects, expand your understanding of the science involved, vote for your favorite projects and support these young Earth-savvy inventors!

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