Future of Transportation

Electric Car Show

Transportation is one of the most important aspects of planning for a sustainable future. Growing populations and increasing traffic are requiring shifts

Bus – RTC route #16 drops off right at Booth and Idlewild! PLUS Special FREE RTC Park & ride stops just for Earth Day.

in transportation assumptions to be cleaner burning for air quality, use renewable fuels, and transport more for the energy used. The Future of Transportation Zone of the Earth Day event is home to all manner of cleaner transportation options and visions for the future. These include the fuel efficient, electric, hybrid and alternative energy vehicles, the mass transit and rail options, creative art cars, scooters and carts, and several innovative concepts for the future.

Bike Valet

In addition, the Future of Transportation is the umbrella for our alternative transportation options at the event, and the “Idle Free at Idlewild” programs. The Bus Shuttle moves back and forth between the park and the parking lots at Reno High, stopping right outside the Future of Transportation entrance to the event. Our electric golf cart train makes a slow circuit around the entire event, allowing you to see everything, or get to that farthest spot easily. RTC has special Earth Day Shuttles to allow people to park at outlying parking lots and ride the shuttle to the event. Don’t forget to check out the many bicycling programs in the Many Spokes for Many Folks feature.

And lastly, our “Idle Free at Idlewild” is in effect all day long, from the loading zones in the morning through the parking lots during the day. If you are driving a gasoline or diesel vehicle, take care not to idle in the parking lots. Please turn the car off if you have to wait. Thanks for keeping the air cleaner! For more information on the Future of Transportation programs or options, please contact us.

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