The Artists Grove

Reno Earth Day 2013, Artists Grove - Bryce Chisholm

Reno Earth Day 2013, Artists Grove – Bryce Chisholm

The Artists Grove is a special program supporting Reno’s vibrant art culture and the importance of ART as a part of eARTh.

This is a special area located near the center of the event full of art, art organizations, art activities and special art projects. Participating artists can display, demonstrate and sell their artwork, and the event commits resources to promoting the artists in the Grove.

2017 Featured Artists

* Reno Art Works                     * Art By Kendel
* Euphotoria                             * Bob Tregilus Photography
* Regeneration Art Works        * Earth Studio Arts                    * C&G Ceramics
* The Wired Tree                      * Kurt Kuznicki & Janis Knight Photography

NOTE: The Artists’ Grove is not a designated “Free Speech Area” as defined by the City.  The Artists’ Grove is a program of the Earth Day event and is within the rented area of the event for the day. Artists who participate in the Grove are working with the event as partners to ensure this event continues to happen. Artists may participate in the Grove in one of 2 ways:

1) Sign up as a normal exhibitor and if your art form qualifies, you can be located in the Grove.

2) Contact Aric Shapiro at Reno Art Works and work out being included in their designed space for the Grove.

3) If your display or performance art qualifies and you are not selling, you can also be located throughout the event. We can accommodate special space needs depending on what you are doing. Please contact us to inquire:

If you do not wish to participate in The Artists’ Grove, there are Free Speech Areas located near the entrances to the park. These portions of the park not included in the rental for the day and artists may set up in these areas like any public park. We hope that you will choose to support this spectacular event and join the Artists’ Grove under any of its programs! See you there!

***Functional items do not qualify for the Artists’ Grove area. This includes crafts, clothing, jewelry, artistic household items, etc. If the art form has any functional purpose, it must use a General Exhibitor application. All manner of artistic forms and crafts are welcomed throughout the rest of the event.***

There are also several creative activities under the umbrella of the Artists’ Grove in which everyone in the community can participate!




2018 Activities under development!

2017 Activities

Creative Writing & Poetry Read

Reno Earth Day is hosting our 3rd Annual Creative Writing & Poetry Read for 2017 and we would like to invite you to participate!  The following are the rules with submissions due by April 7th, and finalists chosen by April 14th. These finalists will then present their work at the Reno Earth Day event with works published in our quarterly Newsletter, showcased in social media and our website, credited to the author. Special awards will also be given for finalists at the event on April 23rd.

Open to All Ages; Pieces must be 1,000 words or less; Piece must relate to “Earth Day” in some way. Themes for inspiration: The Natural World, Clean & Green Technology and Many Cultures. Creative Interpretations encouraged; Pieces must be postmarked, hand-delivered, emailed or otherwise received by the deadline; To be eligible for prizes: Finalists must be available to read submitted work on stage at the Reno Earth Day Festival on April 23rd, 2017 (or be present and allow a stand in to read it on stage)

Submissions Due by: Submissions Due by: April 7th, 2017. Finalists Announced: April 14th, 2017, Reading & Awards: April 23rd, 2017

Creative Writing & Poetry Read Submission Form

Poster Contest

The theme for this year’s Reno Earth Day Poster Art Contest is is three fold: The Natural World, Clean and Green Technologies and/or Many Cultures with the event taking place on Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 at Idlewild Park in Reno, NV.

All ages are invited to participate
Posters can be created by individuals or in groups of up to four
Posters should focus on one of the three Earth Day categories: The Natural World, Clean and Green Technologies or Many Cultures
Posters can be any dimensions and made of any material (paper, cardboard, wood, painted rocks, etc. 🙂
Posters can be color or black and white
Poster Art should be generated by hand or digitally – but must be designed by the participant (cannot be copied from another picture)
Submissions Due by: April 14th, 2017
Display & Awards: April 23rd, 2017

Each poster should include a card or written notes on the back with the following information:
· Name(s) of Participants
· Group, Organization, Teacher, Class and/or School
· Grade Level or Age Group of Participants

One grand prize winner will be selected from the entries, with additional winners selected at the discretion of the Reno Earth Day judges. These winners will be featured on the Reno Earth Day website and social media as well as showcased at the event. Winners will also receive a special Reno Earth Day prize if present at the event!

All participants will receive a thank you letter and may be shown on the Earth Day event, website or social media depending on space available. For more info, to submit entries or schedule pick up/drop off please email

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If you are interested in sponsoring any section of the event check out our sponsorship page and contact us with details and questions!