The Artists Grove

Reno Earth Day 2013, Artists Grove - Bryce Chisholm

Reno Earth Day 2013, Artists Grove – Bryce Chisholm

The Artists Grove is a special program supporting Reno’s vibrant art culture and the importance of ART as a part of eARTh.

This includes a special area complete with “Grove” trees full of art, art organizations, art activities and special art projects. Participating artists can display, demonstrate and sell their artwork, and the event commits resources to promoting the artists in the Grove. The Grove is restricted to fine arts – art for art’s sake – no functional crafts are located there.

Feature Artists and Participants in 2018 (so far!)
~ Home Planet Images ~ Earth Studio Arts ~ Pam Ponsart ~ Sylvia Nunez ~ Pirates of Reno performance ~ Reno Aerialist Co-op ~ Skydance Studio ~ Vrill Society Art Car ~ Frank Ferrari ~ Arts for All Nevada ~

***Functional items do not qualify for the Artists’ Grove area. Functional items include crafts, clothing, jewelry, artistic household items, functional pottery, etc. This definition of art follows the First Amendment definition of protected expression, and a portion of The Artists’ Grove is designated as a Freedom of Expression Zone for artistic expression. The Artists’ Grove is reserved for art under this category. If your inventory includes any functional purpose items (for example-jewelry), you must use a General Exhibitor application (for which there is a $40 discount for 100% hand crafted items). All manner of artistic forms and crafts are welcomed throughout the rest of the event. ***Note, The Artists’ Grove is restricted by “what” is in it, not “who.”  If an artist who usually includes some functional items along with their strictly expressive art would like to omit the functional items from the event, they can still be in The Artists’ Grove.

Artists may participate in The Artists’ Grove in one of 3 ways:

1) Sign up as a normal exhibitor and if your art form qualifies, you can be located in the Grove, with a reserved and featured space.

3) If your art form qualifies and you are not selling, your display or performance art can also be located throughout the event under the program for FREE. We can accommodate special space needs depending on what you are doing. Please contact us to inquire:

4) If you do not register ahead of time & your art form qualifies, you can still be located anywhere in the event under The Artists’ Grove program on event day. Our entire event is a Free Speech event, so as long as your expressive art is protected under the First Amendment, we will find a space for you – welcomed within the event, right alongside all other programming.

If you wish to exercise free speech other than artistic expression, there are additional Free Speech Spaces located throughout the event and near the entrances to the park. Our entire event is a Free Speech event so we make spaces available for all messages.

Benefits to registering AHEAD of time:

a) A parking pass! – no vehicles allowed in park or through road closures without a pass.

b) Registering gives you a loading time when you can drive in to unload your booth items.

c) Without registering, you’ll have to park at least a block way and carry your items in.

d) Receive email updates on event changes, schedules, maps, set up guidelines, etc.

e) Have your booth or name listed & featured as an artist (in many places) or participant – more exposure for the message.

f) Arrange for special space if needed (large spaces, blacktop, tree cover or high clearance, etc.)

We hope that you will choose to support this spectacular event and join the Artists’ Grove under any of its programs! See you there!

 There are also several creative activities under the umbrella of The Artists’ Grove in which everyone in the community can participate!


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If you are interested in sponsoring any section of the event check out our sponsorship page and contact us with details and questions!