Third Party Theme Areas

We love to encourage initiative and creativity by having participants pull together their own special areas of the event. We call these areas “third party theme areas” and try to give as much leeway as possible to those organizing these areas – within the goals and rules of the event. A theme (or topic) area might be a special exhibit on global warming, or a group of exhibitors creating a “recycling village” or an art installation illustrating eARTh, etc.  The ideas are endless. If you would like to organize a special area within Reno Earth Day, please follow these guidelines and rules:

1) Third Party Theme Areas (TPTA) must be approved by the official event organizers. We will work with you to ensure all pieces of your plan fit into the overall puzzle of space, logistics, fairness, messages, etc. It is important to get your idea and plan in as early as possible (preferably no later than February) so that other features of the event can be planned around it. Please contact us with the following information:
a. your theme idea and how it fits into Reno Earth Day
b. the space you will need,
c. the messages and activities to occur in your area,
d. any other special needs or requirements for the TPTA

2) TPTA’s should have a central theme or topic holding the area together. The space will be reserved for this purpose and we will plan the surrounding layout based on this theme and purpose.

3) Each separate business/organization participating in the TPTA must register with the event by filling out the exhibitor application and paying the appropriate fees by the due date. Participants should note on their exhibitor application if they are part of a TPTA and the name of the TPTA. We must have a completed application (including release forms, contact information and appropriate fees depending on their type of organization) to include them on our statutory filings with the city and state, send important event updates and rules and issue parking passes and gate access passes.

4) A TPTA may be unique within the event and have its own vibe, although it is important for it to clearly be a part of the overall event as a whole. We will expect approved TPTA’s to follow their approved plans and to work closely with the event organizers to ensure cohesion and fairness within the event.

5) There are restrictions regarding power and water usage, food and entertainment vending, sound and access, etc., so it is important to have every aspect of your TPTA approved and have all participants in your TPTA know and follow all of the rules for exhibitors in your space and set up planning.

6) If your TPTA will require any resources that cost the event money (power, special permits, extra insurance, tents, tables, chairs, etc.), you must let us know in advance and reimburse the event for such costs.

7) If you or any of the participants in your TPTA are also Sponsors of the event, please let us know.  You may have additional leeway in planning your TPTA depending on their Sponsorship, as Sponsors gain additional benefits in event privileges and promotion. Note, if you have a sponsor for your TPTA who is not also one of our contracted sponsors for the event, you may promote them within the context of your special area, but please make sure they understand they would not be promoted with the rest of the event promotions unless they choose to be an overall event sponsor as well.

8) All Participants in the TPTA must abide by all exhibitor rules. These rules will be communicated mainly via email to all exhibitors regarding parking, set up and take down schedules, traffic control, security, waste removal, etc. However, some basic rules that apply every year include the following:
a. No outside alcohol may be brought in (including beer and wine). The only alcohol allowed in the event is the beer and wine sold through our alcohol permit.
b. No glass containers may be brought in to the event, including beverage bottles of any kind. If you find that glass of any kind must be disposed of, please discretely ensure it goes into one of the single stream recycling bins (with a blue top).
c. No food can be sold or given away unless it is an approved part of your TPTA. Food vending privileges are an important revenue source that supports the event and a limited number are allowed so that they recover those costs. Please check with us for planning any food items within your TPTA and understand the special food vending rues and fees, or if you would like, we may be able to match an approved food vendor to your TPTA.

d. There is so much diverse music and sound going on at the event, it must be carefully managed to avoid sound conflicts. If your TPTA will produce sound (music, sirens, winning bells, loudspeaker, etc.) or prefers to be away from other loud sounds, please note that in your plan. Stages and amplified sound at the event are restricted to the event’s designated stages.

e. No vehicles may be parked in the event area unless they are part of your theme plan (art vehicles, floats, technology trailers, etc.). If your TPTA includes any vehicles/trailers with road tires, it must be located on blacktop. Please be specific abut this in your plan.

9) If you provide us with a detailed description of the your approved TPTA, we will include it on our website in this section. You should word it exactly as you would like it to read, and provide any images you want posted with photo credits if applicable.  We will also list all of the special participants you have signed up to be part of your TPTA.