Become A Sponsor!

Reap the benefits of Sponsoring a 25,000+ attendee event!

In addition to supporting a great educational event that is overwhelmingly supported by the public, SPONSORING Reno Earth Day is an Outstanding Marketing value!  With 25,000+ attendees (consistent for the last 4 years, even in shaky weather!), and a host of media coverage, this event is worth the spend.

The event philosophy is inclusive, welcoming all perspectives, which leads to a broad spectrum of attendees without alienating audiences.

Attendance demographics:  All ages, approx. 10% children, 35% age 15-30, 25% age 31-49, 20% age 50-65, 10% age 66+ ; Diverse mix of regional cultures & ethnicities ; Avg. adult income $50,000 ; Majority of attendees are from within a 100 mile radius of Reno; however, a growing number also travel from out of 100+ miles.

SO Many different ways to Sponsor – Choose the approach that works best for you!

2018 General Sponsorship Levels       ~       2018 Charts for Sponsorship CPM Sponsorship Packet       ~      2018 Hometown Nevada Program

Simple Sponsorship Levels – Marketing benefits and privileges based directly on contribution levels Want a more specific audience?  This approach measures traffic levels and advertising value for specific assets within the event. Choose the Topic area or Activity that best matches your goals. Locally owned and operated?  This program gives you extra benefits in addition to everything already listed for your contribution level!


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